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Welcome to SUMED International ..!

SUMED INTERNATIONAL: Your Trusted Partner in Stainless Steel Surgical, Dental, Holloware & Beauty Instruments.

Unmatched Precision. Enduring Quality.

* Since 1978, SUMED International has been a leading manufacturer of premium surgical and beauty instruments crafted from the finest stainless steel.

* We offer a comprehensive range of both single-use and reusable instruments, designed to meet the needs of surgeons, aestheticians, and other healthcare professionals.

Beyond Standard Instruments:

* Expert Consultation: Our experienced engineers are available to discuss your specific needs and recommend the optimal solution, including customization options.

* Re-Engineering Expertise: We can even re-engineer your existing reusable instruments for single-use applications, maximizing your flexibility.

Confidence in Every Procedure:

* Unwavering Quality: All our instruments are meticulously crafted from high-grade stainless steel and adhere to the strictest international standards (ISO 13485, CE Mark).

* Sterile or Non-Sterile Options: We offer both sterile and non-sterile instruments, along with customizable pack options to suit your specific requirements.

* Peace of Mind Guarantee: Our instruments come with a replacement guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction.

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In House Production

Our production departments are well equipped with the latest, machinery imported from Germany, Japan, Korea, USA and England, and well staffed with the expert technicians trained from our strategic joint venture network..